T10 Partnership LLP - Pioneers of Effortless Learning and Development - Pioneers of Effortless Learning & Development



Who we are

A group of likeminded business consultants who believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo, working together with the vision to provide services which inspire people and their companies to develop through changing behaviour.

We believe values should be at the centre of everything you do because they become your destiny - Gandhi

Our assurance

We understand that while businesses may have the same challenges, the solutions may be very different and therefore we guarantee never to give you what we happen to have on the shelf.

If you believe you have what it takes to work for us, register as an associate here.

Learning & Development

We design and deliver learning related services to companies across the globe.

We partner with your organisation so that we are able to understand your vision and values in order to provide the best approach to the support and services you need.

That could be a one off for one person or a five year managed programme for ten thousand people to help and support your:

  • continued growth and survival
  • expansion into new end markets
  • differentiation from competitors.

Performance Consulting

The next level from L&D, identifying what is affecting business performance and why. Our business consultants use a process-driven approach to resolving workplace performance challenges and achieve increased business results by maximising the performance of people within an organisation.



Our assessment services can be applied to Pre employment selection; Retention; Developing the best talent; Succession Planning; Redundancy; Competency or Compliance Testing.

Assessments can be used to identify Values. Values drive Attitude and Attitude drives Behaviour and Behaviour will result in performance. So, if your people have the right Values to start with, they are more likely to perform to your Targets.

Whatever your need, speak to us - we'll have some suggestions and solutions for you.